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Présidente de    l'association    Peiwen WANG


Chairwoman of the Committee :
Peiwen WANG

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Created in  2001, the Association « Amitié Chine-Montargis” (Friendly relationship between China and Montargis) aims at maintaining and developing the links that the people of Montargis initiated at the beginning of the twentieth century by hosting Young Chinese Intellectuals who came to work and study in our Regional Capital (in Gâtinais).Those were to become the elite of the creators of the New China.

The Association tries to encourage the welcome of Chinese tourists in our “Département” and in our “Région”.It organizes yearly visits to China for its members as well as exchanges between Chinese and French students.

All the year round, the “friends” of “China-Montargis” meet for cultural activities, exhibitions, training courses, theater plays.

They organize the great celebration of the Chinese New Year. That is the opportunity to perform shows with artists and Chinese students, to taste the best and typical Chinese products



Amitié Chine Montargis